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Suggestions from users

What are the advantages of a web presence?

Internet increases the potential number of readers several times without increasing effort and thus without increasing costs.
In addition, it is easier to see which articles are for users more valuable and more likely to read and get opinions from them in the form of comments - you will not learn this by selling the printed edition.

Do I need to know on creating webpages?

If you have been printed version of the journal was a conversion process consists mainly of copy / paste and appropriate tagging of articles in the keywords so that they are easily searchable by users. Preparing graphics in a suitable resolution can perform the same person who prepares a printable version. You have to create a web version to us or someone from his staff.

How to turn off notifications?

SORIUM provides a mechanism for notification by which you can be kept informed about new articles from industries you are interested. Notifications can be disabled in the settings of the user profile.

Why should you create an account SORIUM?

Once you have created your account you will have access to the full history of what you have read. You will be able to buy content online. SORIUM allow you to create your own home page with channels or information that interest you. In addition, the connection to Facebook will allow you to share information with friends.

Do you develop further service?

Yes, we have plans to develop for several years ahead. Almost every weekend in the evening we upgrade the system by introducing new functionality.

Can I cancel my account?

You can. The account will be deactivated, and if you have a surplus in the account it will be returned.
You can also delete your own account at a site that uses the SORIUM, while leaving the other.

Can I change the type of account?

Users in the system SORIUM no additional powers than accessing your content.
In contrast, the websites of journals publishing system using SORIUM (in each domain separately online), the same user can have different permissions.

Why the journal should have a website?

The website is the cheapest form of advertising with the longest range

Properly designed and constructed website is a showcase that is sure to enhance the image of each journal , it is especially important for small magazines , industry and research.
Through the website you can quickly and inexpensively update the information.

SORIUM allows immediate editing and correction of content using a web browser

Through the Internet you contact the authors

Website Magazines contributes to increasing the efficiency and the development of publishing, having a website can have a positive impact on the quality and skills of its employees.

Website increases the loyalty of readers

Readers who are kept informed about new products , eager to return to the pages of a magazine . The journal publishes Internet content immediately - printed must reach the reader traditional channels , the newsstand or subscribe to the paper version

Distinction from the competition

The image of the magazine from the competition may be the key to success. Website will help raise the status of the journal .

Do I have to sign a contract?

Regular users do not have to sign any agreements on paper. In contrast to the launch of a new service magazine with a unique graphic design need additional work, the performance of which requires the signing of a cooperation agreement with SORIUM.
Registering an account on this website you agree to the terms of use of the site.