User accounts

SORIUM editorial system is a advanced online application and supports all editorial staff and all stages of the creation of the article, its application, through processing and reviewing until after the publication online and shipping content to the readers.
Publisher has control over the process, at any time, is able to determine the status of the release, and watch over the effectiveness of teams.
Editors manage to keep the progress of work at any time, be able to check at what stage article is, control the circulation of articles. They have full control over the process of creation and a tool for effective communication with team members.
The authors easily post content from anywhere on Earth, they also have instant access to review and corrections. They get automatic guidance as to the formal requirements which must be fulfilled this article too.
Proofreaders work is immediately visible to the other members of the editorial board

User types

System Administrator - the person or persons managing system SORIUM - has access to all data in the database

Domain Administrator - the person managing Internet domain or website magazines and all sub-pages and articles

Advanced user - a person has assigned permissions to the administrative part of your service

Reviewer - user can send and write articles, write reviews to articles send by other users

Editor in chief - user can send and write articles, review articles, assign reviewers and assign articles to issues

Category editor
- user can send and write articles, review articles and has access to all articles in assigned category

- user can send and write articles

Author - the user, which in the domain can send articles

DTP Operator - the user with an insight into the currently prepared edition of the journal

Proofreader - user entering proofreading article

Proofreader foreign language - a user entering foreign language proofreading article

Client - a person who has an account in SORIUM and thus has access to the content and features available only to registered users (depending on the configuration of the individual magazines)

Guest - an Internet reader